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    Julien Macdonald // RTW // SS 2015

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  3. Infinity - The XX xx


    After all the time, after you
    Had you seen me with someone new
    Hanging so high for your return?
    But the stillness is a burn
    Had I seen it in your eyes?
    There’d have been no try after try
    Your leaving had no goodbye
    Had I just seen one in your eyes?

    I can’t give it up 
    To someone elses touch
    Because I care too much

    Could you tell?
    I was left lost and lonely
    ould you tell?
    Things ain’t worked out my way
    Wish the best for you
    Wish the best for me
    Wished for infinity
    If that ain’t me

    Give it up
    I can’t give it up

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    Hunter S. Thompson shaving Johnny Depps head for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

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    I love my skin!

    This bitch is flawless

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  7. What's your opinion on taco Bell?


    I am a Trash Princess and fast food is the only thing I eat.


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