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    Anais Mali in “Amazon” by Urivaldo Lopes for French Revue De Modes #25, Autumn 2014/Winter 2015

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    Blumarine SS 15

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    katmos: Kate Moss photographed by David Ross, First Sitting, 26.10.1988

    The image, taken in 1988 when she was just fourteen, is understood to be her first ever modelling shot, and it is clear to see that the steely gaze and stunning bone structure that have become her trademark were already in use.

    The photograph was taken by David Ross in Kate’s first professional sitting after she was talent spotted at an airport a few months prior.

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    Devon Aoki by Juergen Teller  //   Alessandro Dell’Acqua Spring/Summer 1998

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  4. Lil’ Kim & Mary J. Blige For MAC VIVA Glam.

    To this day, Their campaign is the highest grossing of all time.

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    I love this guy he dose the best interviews

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  5. stunningpicture:

    Street art in SE Portland

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